LSU Men’s Tennis Team’s International Flavor

There are 14 members of the LSU Men’s Tennis team, seven of whom are from outside the United States.

While Les Miles and Trent Johnson travel the country to scout recruits, head coach Jeff Brown has to rely on tournaments and information from his players to find players overseas.

“Someone that knows the most about somebody is somebody you can talk to that’s currently on your team,” Brown said.

Knowing people is how Brown got English born senior Neal Skupski to Baton Rouge.  His brother Ken played for Brown from 2003 until 2007.  When Neal realized he wasn’t ready to go pro, Ken convinced him to come to LSU to develop for four years.

“He told me about the facilities here those are very good,” Neal said.  “The coaches here, Jeff and Danny, they would work with me for four years and improve my game.”

For some members, the ability to prepare for a life after tennis attracts them to the purple and gold.

“After you finish high school pretty much it’s either you go professional or you just study for university,” Australian born junior Stefan Szacinski said. “(LSU) gives you the option of playing competitive tennis at a high level, whilst also pursuing your degree which is a great option for me.”

For more on Neal Skupski’s decision to come to LSU, check out this extended interview clip.

Check this map out for a visual representation of the seven players’ hometowns and just how far away they are from LSU


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