Neal Skupski’s Senior Season

Senior captain Neal Skupski has helped lead the Tigers to the number twenty-one ranking. Head Coach Jeff Brown knew Skupski was a special player from the beginning.

“He’s been able to play at a really high level since the beginning,” Brown said. He was thrown in the singles mix in the beginning and he was also in the top of the doubles right away.

Skupski never fully focused on tennis before coming to Baton Rouge, playing soccer and golf before coming to LSU. Brown had to mold him to become a complete tennis player.

“Coming into college I didn’t really have a tennis brain,” Skupski said. “I didn’t know how to play a match because when I was younger I didn’t really play many tournaments.” Skupski also added that Brown and assistant coach Danny Bryan have taught him how to keep his focus during a match.

Skupski and the team will face Northwestern May 12 in Durham, N.C., for the first round of the NCAA tournament. Skupski plans to turn pro in January.


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