LSU Hopes New Tennis Facility Will Help Recruiting

LSU is the only school in the SEC without an indoor tennis facility, but that will soon change. Men’s coach Jeff Brown believes it will help out with recruiting.

The facility would help the team grow in-state talent because it would allow LSU to host junior tournaments, Brown said. Brown believes that, “would lend us to recruits that are like some of the other sports have where they have a passion for LSU from the time they grow up.”

The facility will also give the team a place to play when it rains. The team frequently plays in the afternoon to try and avoid rain cancellations. “If I schedule a match at 6 and it rains once, we may be done for the match,” Brown said. “Where as we schedule it at 2 or 3, it gives us a chance to play a little later if it does rain, that’s why we play when we do. It’s not ideal for the working fan.”

Assistant Danny Bryan thinks the new facility will add to the heavy push the team is already making to fans. “We’re making a really big push to get better attendance at the matches, which we have been doing this year,” Bryan said.

LSU has not finalized a location for the facility, but assistant athletic director Herb Vincent said the facility will likely be south of campus down Nicholson Drive.

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